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Seasonal allergies.. and why you should think about them in the winter

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

What are allergies? An allergy is a reaction the body has to a particular food or substance. These can cause reactions ranging from sneezing, itching eyes or coughing to anaphylaxis, causing organ shut down and death. There are many factors influencing who displays these symptoms and what contributes to their severity.

Is there a cure for allergies? There are many medical research projects which attempt to find a root cause and cure for allergies but there is no definitive cure for all allergies. There are several treatment approaches including immunotherapy which have shown promising results.

Can naturopathy heal seasonal allergies? Naturopathy can reduce the impact of seasonal allergies on the body by relieving symptoms and addressing the underlying causes.

Why should you think about this when you are not experiencing symptoms? When you body is not under stress from the allergens it reacts to, you can address other factors in your environment and your diet so that your body is in better shape when the allergy season comes around.

What factors should I consider while cleaning up my life in preparation for the seasonal allergy onslaught? Diet, chemical exposure, stress.

What is a naturopathic approach seasonal allergies? This would include a detailed case history and analysis of the contributing factors, recommendation on lifestyle and dietary changes to reduce stress factors on the immune system, herbal, homeopathic and supplemental support in preparation for the season and remedies to relieve symptoms during the allergy season.

Can allergies be cured? Seasonal allergies can be cured. Depending on the severity of symptoms, the overall health of the sufferer, the length of time the allergies have been present for and the steps taken to support the body, this can take a number of years to completely resolve, however, most patients experience a significant improvement in their symptoms in the first year and many experience a significant reduction in the frequency of reoccurences.

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