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Kickstarting your natural health

Have you been experiencing ill health and low energy for some time? 

Do you find. you are dealing with symptoms only for them to reappear or for another issue to come up? 

Would you like to take a step back and focus on the whole person and take charge of your health? 

In this 8 week plan, I will look at every aspect of your health, mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional. 

We will work together to decide how best to move forward and you will learn some tools to address problems as they arise. 

I will record tailor made relaxations, prepare individual remedies and recommendations and support you in every step.  

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Your 8 Week Plan

Week 1: In depth consultation and personalised relaxation  90 minutes

Week 2:  Lifestyle changes, nutrition, supplements herbal and homeopathic remedies,  60 minutes

Week 6: Assess progress, adjust remedies, make additional changes  60 minutes 

Week 8:  Set ongoing objectives, any follow up treatment and record a new personalised relaxation / meditation.  60 minutes 

TOTAL COST : 400chf 

Payable in 2 installments

All appointments must be booked at the start of the programme

The benefit of ongoing treatment

 The majority of the clients that I see, come with a range of seemingly unconnected symptoms and emotional disturbances that cannot be easily resolved by a quick visit to the doctor.  

Working together over a number of sessions, allow us to recognise that these things are often interlinked and will take time to unravel.  Instead of trying to scratch the surface or fix everything in one step, this approach results in long lasting improvements to mental and physical health

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Case 1:  Female mid 60s: Presented with an injury. She also described ongoing anxiety, digestive disturbances, poor sleep and underlying high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol issues. 


Addressing the mental and emotional symptoms, supplementing the minerals and vitamins depleted by medications and making dietary has significantly reduced the peripheral symptoms, the patient is starting to see improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol issues and her quality of life has improved significantly.  

Herbal Remedies

Case 2:  Female mid 30s presenting with an acute emotional situation requiring support. As well as underlying difficulties with her menstrual cycle which began in her teens.  This patient is now experiencing pain free periods and reduced PMS symptoms without the need for synthetic hormones or pain killers for the first time in years. 

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