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Psychology Patient


Deirdre came along when I asked for natural doctor recommendations on a forum. I was surprised to find a very lengthy reply from her, with a detailed and considerate list of all possible fits.
This turned out to be exactly her approach : detailed, thoughtful, extremely giving with her time - to listen, make suggestions when needed and offer guidance and remedies.
She offered to help me along my way to finding balanced mental and physical health and I felt so lucky to have her support. It was such a gift.
I came to rely on her during certain periods and I couldn't quite believe she was always available - to offer the right remedy, verbally, through rituals, ideas, homeopathic treatments and supplements...
What a wonderful lady. She has so much to give, has a special way of building self value and worth, and everyone should get to share her magic. 

I phoned Deirdre because I had an ear ache that was discharging. It was 3pm in the afternoon and I was due to leave on a long journey the following day, I had no time to see a doctor before I left.  I described the pain and discharge to Deirdre and answered her other questions.  She gave me a remedy to take that afternoon, at night if I woke and again in the morning.  I slept, the discharge stopped and I was able to travel the next day.

My daughter had recently started her period and the pain was so intense every month, she would call me from school to come home.  Over the counter medication was helping but relieve the symptoms but not enough for her to be able to stay at school.  Deirdre gave her some homeopathic remedies which helped and then adjusted the remedies when things moved along and she needed further intervention.  I am grateful that we were able to navigate this major change of life stage without the requirement for long term use of medication.

My son was experiencing anxiety in new situations and getting him to school was becoming increasingly difficult.  Deirdre took a full case history where we explored the circumstances around his birth, his gut health and the things that made him happy. 

We worked together over a number of months supported by a combination of dietary changes, targeted supplements and homeopathic remedies.  Things became easier, he became more relaxed, we found more ways to be relaxed and enjoy activities as a family and his physical ailment significantly improved.  

He is still a quiet, pensive child but he is no longer anxious and he has a much better relationship with his siblings.  

I contacted Deirdre because I was experiencing intense PMS symptoms which were not being helped by the solutions offered by my gynaecologist. During the consultation, we also talked about my anxiety and recurring rosacea.  Over the coming months, as we worked together, we also explored my emotional history and family relationships.  This was a journey I was not expecting but the changes in my life have been profound.

We were going through a house move and my daughter was really unhappy about having to move schools.  She cried nearly every day in anticipation.  Deirdre suggested some Bach Flowers for her to take every day for 2 weeks before school started and to have in her water bottle at school.  When she came home after her first day, she said... 'I didn't cry, I didn't even want to cry, and when I felt like I might cry, I had some of my bravery drops and I was OK'.

 I came to Deirdre first when my son was having a difficult time at his sports practice- dealing with training in French, stress of being yelled at and not understanding other kids jokes. He was anxious and teary before each practice and planned to quit. Deirdre made up a remedy to be put in the water bottle and it gave him a lot of confidence.that water became his strength and the anxiety began to go away. He still uses it sometimes when faced with exams or difficult situations

My daughter developed severe school anxiety for reasons unknown. With the help of reiki and homeopathic remedies (as well as lovely conversations and offering tricks to deal with difficult thoughts) it went away. She is now very confident and happy at school and still keeps her "special stone" in the pocket to offer security and comfort. Deirdre is great at getting kids to talk to her!

 I was in a very dark place suffering with depression. I decided to try homeopathy "just in case" before I started "proper" medication. I must say I really did not believe in it. But I was reluctant to go on medication for two years and then worry about coming off it. We have put a plan together with homeopathy, nutrition and other adjustments to everyday life. It required discipline but I was back to normal a year later. And now, three years on, I have more awareness of my moods than before, know what signs to look out for and would choose the same path. I will always be grateful and indebted to Deirdre for getting back control of my life. 

I contacted Deirdre because my periods stopped suddenly. I consulted my gynaecologist who suggested that I was in menopause and that my reserve of eggs had almost fully depleted. Deirdre tool a full case history and gave me some remedies to take.  My periods have restarted and appear to be regular.  This is the start of our journey together but I already feel like we have taken positive steps. 

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