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Guiding your family to better health

Are you constantly dealing with the latest illness and watching it work it’s way through your family?


Are you on a rollercoaster, supporting the emotional needs of one family member after another?


Do you want to find some time for you, to take a step back and bring some calm into your family life?

Treating the family unit as a whole, can reduce the reoccurrence of illness and reduce overall levels of stress.


You will learn how to treat minor ailments when they arise as well as signs of serious illness that need outside intervention.


You will learn strategies to improve your family’s diet, when to avoid certain foods and when it is OK to let go.


You will be supported and I will be available for whatever life throws at you.  

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Your 12 Week Plan

Week 1: In depth consultation, personalised relaxation meditation  90 minutes


Week 2:  Level 1 changes for the whole family:   nutrition, supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies.  60 minutes


Week 5: Focus on family member number 1


Week 7: Focus on family member number 2


Week 9: Focus on family member number 3


Week 12:  Progress review for all family members, follow up support plan 

TOTAL COST : 600 chf 

Payable in 3 installments

All appointments must be booked at the start of the programme

4th family member treated free... contact me if your family is smaller or bigger than this

The benefit of family treatment

When I work with clients who have young children, within weeks of starting to work with one member of the family, we start to talk about the other family members.  

This family approach allows you to share all of the things that are going on for your family, big and small, and to address them all together.  Working in this way, enables me to see the physical and emotional similarities and interactions and to treat multiple family members are the same time, lifting the energy of everyone and facilitates a swifter return to health for the whole family than when treated sequentially.  

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Case 1:  Mother of two children contacted me regarding her son’s school related anxiety and also described his eczema and digestive issues as well as her rosacea, PMS and anxiety.


We worked through the presenting symptoms and resolved other things as they came up, including things related to her other child.  


Family time was much improved, they enjoyed spending time together, playing games, trying new things… all of which was just a dream at the start of the process and they were no longer in constant crisis mode. 

Herbal Remedies

Case 2:  Mother of three children aged between 3 and 8 feeling like everyone is constantly ill.  After three months of support, the frequency of medical intervention has reduced, there is a reduction in the use of inhalers and antibiotics and calmer moments at home.  

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